Custom CMS development and websites

Hi, my names is Bruce Evans. I am a website content management system creator.

I do not use freeware software like wordpress or Joomla or any other systems. They are easy to hack and they are notoriously un-intuitive to use. I custom build CMS's that fit your product's and abilities like a glove. The greatest compliment I have had from one of my clients was when I had completed the pilot version of their website and suggested that I come over and show them how to use it, They replied "No need, I already know".

This is how I like to build my systems. I realise that you don't want to spend vast amounts of time learning how to use your website. You just want to get a job done, not become a computer expert. So I buld content management systems to suit non-technical people who are in a hurry to get a job done.

Many of my customers sites are well over ten years old and are still running on the same system with only minor upgrades.
Most of these sites have not had any follow up optimisation work since first creation, yet still rank very highly in Google. Some, even though they have not had any follow up optimisation work, have retained their top five or even number one Google ranking for several years. My systems automatically optimise your products for Google. I built my system with optimisation as one of its highest priorities.

I have a very good long term working relationships with my clients and it is not uncommon for us to catch up for a few beers here and there. I pride myself on being the one web developer in the world who spends more time listening than talking. I also do not use nerd speak to impress and confuse my clients. Listening instead of talking is the biggest factor on me developing the greatest business CMS in the world....mine!

I do not have hundreds of clients that I do not have time to look after. I have a handfull of good customers that I look after very well and work with closely to get the best result. I never want to be unreachable to my clients. I work directly with my clients, one on one. My clients do not talk to a sales guy who then talks to the developer. They talk to me. When there is a problem, they talk to me direct and the problem is fixed fast.

I have a condition called Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity or EHS. This means I have to live away from radiation emitting devices like WIFI, mobile phone towers and Smart Meters. As a result I am living outside of a country town called Benalla in Victoria.

This does not affect my ability to build systems. I regularly travel to Melbourne or elsewhere for meetings and as with most developers, most of my communication is by phone or email anyway. So it does not really affect business relations.

I fully realise that this is probably the worst web developers website you have ever seen. The reason is simple. Most of my clients come via word of mouth, so I have deliberately not optimised this site or put any effort into making it look pretty. I do not want to be answering phones all day when I can be writing code. Simple.

But of course you are welcome to contact me with your enquiry.

Contact me:

Email: Bruce Preferred Number: 03 9013 7591
Mobile: 0417 508 157